Cumberland Legacy

For many of our long-standing clients, we offer a broader scope of services to address needs outside of legal support. We generally refer to these services as “family office operations,” which are handled through the Cumberland Legacy office, and can encompass any or all of the following:

  • Financial planning
  • Advice and negotiation of private equity transactions
  • Investment oversight with the client
  • Estate planning/wealth protection and preservation
  • Tax advice and accounting services management
  • Insurance needs analysis and policy management
  • Bill payment and banking operations
  • Business management

Because of the delicate nature of these services, we provide a strict confidentiality guarantee. We do not discuss the identity of our clients or our work with them. Safety and security are our top priority and are similar to that of attorney/client confidentiality. For more information about Cumberland Legacy and its services, please visit our contact page to reach a member of our team.